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Discover the unique flavors of each one of our rums.

The Spirit, The Myth, The Legendary Rum

BACOO Rum is good for your soul and great for your Spirits! We are grown, produced and bottled in the heart of the Dominican Republic for you to enjoy and share wherever you are.

Quality, consistency, and character is at the heart of our rum. Most major rum brands bring cane juice and molasses from other parts of the world to produce their rum. BACOO Rum is farm to glass.

BACOO Rum is estate grown and produced using fresh sugar cane juice. Our distillation process uses both copper and stainless steel to capture the most desirable flavors before being aged in ex-bourbon barrels, to provide a unique flavor profile and excellent finished product.

Bacoo Rum

BACOO Rum 3-Year White

Perfect for both simple and complex mixed drinks alike, the higher 86 proof cuts through the sweetness of typical ingredients offered in a cocktail.

BACOO Rum 3 -Year White is aged 3 years in oak barrels before being filtered through charcoal to give it its enchanting silvery straw color all while maintaining its unique flavor. With a crisp off-dry, light body this rum offers sweet aromas and flavors of coconut cream, caramelized bananas, ripe mango, clove and spumoni moving to a smooth finish featuring nuances of candied lime.

BACOO Rum 5-Year

A rich mouthfeel and dessert-like flavors which shine through no matter how you choose to enjoy it.

BACOO Rum 5-Year boasts a light copper color with candied funky aromas and an oily soft off dry full body. From the first sip you'll get hints of caramel, soft papaya, hearts of palm and banana followed by a warming, long nut butter, toffee, and pineapple cake finish.

BACOO Rum 8-Year

A superb and seamless rum with ample barrel character for sipping and plenty of versatility for mixing.

BACOO Rum 8-Year has an enticing copper color and offers a lively, dryish full body. Mature, toasty aromas of banana chip, hard candy, dried orange and geraniol make way for the peppery and complex caramelized starfruit, roasted nut, toasty cedar, and raisin toast finish.

BACOO Rum 12-Year

An interesting, lightly herbal aged rum perfect for sipping neat or mixed in a classic cocktail.

BACOO Rum 12-Year is a brilliant bronze color rum with a velvety, bright and fruity medium to full body. You'll immediately experience aromas and flavors of toasted fig bread, spiced chocolate pistachio toffee, tres leche cake, and creme brulee. The finish is tingling and engaging, boasting notes of sarsaparilla with spumoni gelato, pink peppercorn and hints of bitter barks and roots and honeyed expazote.

Want to Mix Things Up?
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Bacoo Rum Recipes: Discover A New Twist

The Cuba Libre
March 6, 2024
The Cubanita
February 28, 2024
Autumnal Old Fashioned
November 20, 2023


Hi, The rum is really good. Definitely one of the best rums I've had. And it is a rum that you can enjoy straight on its own. And I really liked the packaging and the whole brand.
Toby Franco
I am a huge fan of the White Rum and the Coffee Rum. I love the white for every mixed drink under the sun it is my number one choice and a crowd pleaser every time for every party. Tiki Culture is addictive.
Melissa Weber
Bacoo is off the charts! I don't know if I like the 5, 8, or 12 year better. Each rum is super unique. Looking forward to trying the new white & coffee.
Anthony Mesaros
the 5yr easily became my favorite rum to mix with coke
Mike De La Vega
Great rum! From the Dominican Republic! We love the 8 year rum!
Fred Mautz
I am VERY impressed with your product!
Brandon Mills

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