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Hi, The rum is really good. Definitely one of the best rums I've had. And it is a rum that you can enjoy straight on its own. And I really liked the packaging and the whole brand.

Martin Mihov

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I am a huge fan of the White Rum and the Coffee Rum. I love the white for every mixed drink under the sun it is my number one choice and a crowd pleaser every time for every party. Tiki Culture is addictive.

Gemma Touchstone


Bacoo is off the charts! I don't know if I like the 5, 8, or 12 year better. Each rum is super unique. Looking forward to trying the new white & coffee.

Anthony Mesaros


the 5yr easily became my favorite rum to mix with coke

Mike De La Vega

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Great rum! From the Dominican Republic! We love the 8 year rum!

Fred Mautz

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I am VERY impressed with your product!

Brandon Mills


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