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Tasting sessions on Thursday March 21st, Friday March 22nd and Saturday March 23rd 2024!

BACOO Rum is an aged rum, produced from farm to bottle in the Dominican Republic.

Crafted from fresh cane juice from estate grown sugar cane, and aged in oak cask, ex-bourbon barrels, BACOO Rum offers a premium rum with unique, complex flavor profiles and incredible smoothness to give customers an elevated and authentic rum experience at a competitive price point 

BACOO Rum is a Spanish style rum and is available in 4 expressions – 3-Year aged white rum, 5-Year, 8-Year and 12-Year aged.  These 4 expressions offer versatile rums which suit a wide variety of palettes, and are a superb option for people who are either new to aged rum or seasoned aged rum drinkers.

We age our rum the same way as scotch whiskey, that is by stating the age that is the youngest for example, our 5-Year old has dashes of 8 and 12 year, however we only state 5 years aged.

So what makes BACOO Rum unique?  

The Quality –   Being made from farm to bottle, we have complete control over the sugar cane, extraction, fermentation and distillation process to ensure unparalleled consistency and quality.  

The Production Process – Our fermentation methods are fairly standard using stainless steel tanks, and while we don’t use pot stills, our proprietary column still uses both copper and stainless steel. This allows us to capture some of the same alcohol compounds found in both stainless and copper pot stills for desired flavors.  This production method makes BACOO rum somewhat of a hybrid and creates a unique profile with the typical flavors of Spanish Style Rum, such as honey, vanilla and butterscotch while displaying other flavors typical of French Style rum, including floral, and green sugar cane, all with the smoothness that Dominican Republic rums are famous for.

Eco-Friendly – Produced in one of the world’s first carbon neutral rum distilleries, BACOO Rum is produced using sustainable methods to help reduce pollution and damage to the environment.

Value for money – BACOO Rum masterfully blends exceptional quality with affordability, presenting an award-winning spirit recognized by prestigious industry authorities like the San Francisco Spirits Competition. Packaged in an aesthetically appealing bottle that stands out in both commercial and home bars, BACOO Rum delivers top-tier taste without the premium price tag, ensuring a competitive and accessible option for rum drinkers.

Join us at one of our tasting sessions at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits this weekend, March 22nd and 23rd, and experience an authentic taste of the Caribbean.

Friday March 22nd

Fort Myers – 14725 S Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers – 4pm to 6pm

Port Charlotte – 4200 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte – 4pm to 6pm

Sebring – 2311 US Hwy 27 North, Sebring – 4pm to 6pm

Jacksonville – 9436 San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville – 4pm to 6pm

Port St. Lucie – 2091 SW Gatlin Blvd. Port St. Lucie – 4pm to 6pm

Cape Coral – 1513 SW Pine Island Rd, Cape Coral – 4pm to 6pm

Navarre – 8315 Mikajack Ave. Navarre – 4pm to 6pm

Saturday March 23rd

Apollo Beach – 6178 N. US Hwy 41, Apollo Beach – 1pm to 3pm

Bradenton – 11720 State Rd. 64 E. Bradenton – 1pm to 3pm

Ponte Vedra Beach – 175 Village Main Street, Ponte Vedra Beach – 1pm to 3pm

St Johns – 259 Harper Lane, St Johns – 1pm to 3pm

Lakeland – 4319 So. Florida Ave, Lakeland – 5pm to 7pm

Discover the legend of the Bacoo!

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